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Theological Confessions Revisited

Way back when, Ben Myers posted a meme, about getting theologically “out of the closet” by confessing their idiosyncratic and/or slightly impolite theological beliefs. Here’s the thing about “theological confessions”: they tend to change pretty substantially the more one reads and studies. Or at least mine do. Its not as though fundamental convictions tend to […]

The One Movie Meme

Leave it to Ben to start another one of these things.  Oh well, lets have fun with it. 1. One movie that made you laugh Drowning Mona 2. One movie that made you cry Pan’s Labyrinth 3. One movie you loved when you were a child The Karate Kid 4. One movie you’ve seen more […]

Recommended Reading Meme

I have now been tagged by David with the ‘recommended reading’ meme.  Thus, here are a few of the books that I find myself often recommending to people.  Many of them are also some of my favorite books (as would be expected), but all of them are ones that I find myself recommending often. Lesslie […]

On The Rooftops: Theological Proclamations

Ben’s theological confessions meme is taking off at the moment.  And, as I’m the kind of person who likes to steal, bastardize, and parrot ideas, here’s something similar: Theological Proclamations.  Of course the utility of something like this is that you can be a lot less contrite and confessiony about things and feel free to […]

Out of the Closet: Theological Confession Meme

Following Ben Myers’ new meme, here’s a list of my own “theological confessions”: I confess:  I really do think Balthasar was a better and more interesting theologian than Barth. I confess:  I’ve never really read much Frei or Lindbeck. I confess:  If I wasn’t a “new monastic” free-church protestant, I’m pretty sure I’d be a Roman […]

Worst Theological Probleme Meme: Update

Well, after a lengthy dead period, this little idea of mine is finally growing some wings.  Besides the ones that have recenly appeared here as guest-posts, David Congdon has just produced a sucinct critique of Thomas Aquinas, which should stimulate some discussion.  And for those of you that are interested, here are a few of the other ones that […]

Worst Theological Problem Meme: Jürgen Moltmann

A Guest-Post by David Horstkoetter of Flying Farther.  This challenge exposes a weakness I have, for all the reading I have done, I have rarely focused on one person’s systematic theology. And this limits the choices I feel even somewhat confident enough to talk about. However, if I were to pick someone, it would be Jürgen […]

Worst Theological Problem Meme: Hans Urs von Balthasar

A Guest-Post by Fred from Deep Furrows I’m a student of literature and not a theologian, but Hans Urs von Balthasar has had a extensive influence upon my adult life. Criticizing Balthasar is difficult for several reasons: 1. he was broadly and profoundly educated in Western culture as a whole, much more than I or any […]

Worst Theological Problem Meme

Ok, I’m going to see if I can get something started here that might be interesting. We all certainly have our favorite theologians, with whom we identify and on whom we draw for our theology. Now, of course none of us want to be uncritical readers, so we admit that our fav has “some” problems, […]

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