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Category Archives: Feeling Disgruntled

You’re not “post-” anything, so shut the hell up!

If there was one term I could actually effect a moratorium on I think it would have to be the phrase “post-”. But, since I can’t effect a moratorium, allow me to propose an axiom instead: Any conceptual position (theological, philosophical, etc.) that describes itself using the modifier “post-” is never actually “post-” anything in […]

Why Conservatives Shouldn’t Make Manifestos

Today saw the release of the “Manhattan Declaration,” a sort of ecumenical conservative manifesto with 148 signatories from Roman, Eastern, and Evangelical denominations. Its a consolidated statement of the usual stuff super conservative Christians care about — abortion, gay marriage, and well, I guess the freedom to not perform abortions and gay marriages, they call […]


Tacking onto the last post about some hysterics over the blogosphere: Can we please stop with this sort bizarre sensationalism? Seriously, when was the public square ever not run by “bullies, sophists, and clowns”? The idea that things around us are suddenly descending into barbarism is just silly. Its been utterly barbaric for time immemorial. […]

Democracy’s False Humility

It is often said — going back to Churchill, right? — that democracy is the worst form of government in the world . . . except for all the others. This comment generally occurs in discussions where somebody is being critical of this or that aspect of democracy or democratic practice. Inevitably some genius whips […]

The Sexy Amish?

It never ceases to amaze me what crazy stuff Christians will buy. Apparently the hottest new Christian romance novels tend to be set among the Amish. Sometimes the characters even share passionate kisses. Something about this pisses me off in a deep way that kind of puzzles me. Do we have to turn the life […]

Insane Quote of the Day

Feminists are trying to dictate to the rest of us what the masculine pronoun is allowed to mean. For me it means the same thing it meant to Milton, Shakespeare, Jane Austin[sic], Flannery O’Connor[,] and C. S. Lewis. Feminists want us to pretend they all meant to exclude women from practically everything but that is […]

On Gender-Accurate Language

There’s a pretty interesting article in the Times about the “controversy” over gender-accurate language (scare quotes are because there isn’t really a controversy, just a handful of very irrational and vocal people that think masculinity is the ultimate definition of the human). Anyways, it turns out that the use of masculine pronouns as a stand-in […]

Acedia and Visual Media

So my latest theological–and somewhat personal–fascination has been with the concept of acedia, or as it is catalogued in the list of deadly sins, sloth. There is little question in my mind that acedia is the primary bane of my existence. There are literally dozens if not hundreds of worthwhile pursuits that I feel interested […]

Are the “New Calvinists” Reformed?

Time Magazine ranks the “New Calvinism” as number three on the list of the top ten ideas changing the world. This is actually a self-applied term by the Mark Driscoll crowd, and basically it names a movement within the emergentish sector of evangelical Christians (i.e. middle class white people in their twenties and early thirties) […]

More on Petty Christian Virtues

In an an evangelical subculture that gets its ire up more over cussing than torture, Hoekendjik has some wisdom: Christian virtues that are present [in the church] are minimized, while while the kind of “church virtues” that Dorothy Sayers once described as a combination of stateliness, childishness, shyness, dullness, sentimentality, daintiness, and depressedness are enlarged […]

Theology of the Cross and Profanity

Dave Horstkoetter has plunked up a disturbing YouTube video of a neocon hack opining that Christianity and torture are just all hunky dory with one another. No surprise there of course. What is surprising is the fact that the whole discussion over there has turned into a goofy little kerfuffle about whether or not it’s […]

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