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The perfect steak

I got sick of all the incorrect and terrible articles buzzing around the interwebs on how to grill steak, so I’ve set the matter to rights. Check it out.

In place of purity (more on wine & Jesus)

In John 2, the story of turning of the water into wine, there’s an interesting detail that I’ve never seen commented on at length before. John 2:6 describes the vats of water that Jesus turned into wine: “Now standing there were six stone water-jars for the Jewish rites of purification, each holding twenty or thirty […]

Give beer to beggars!

One of the foremost reasons I ever hear for why Christians don’t give to beggars is the claim that said beggars will undoubtedly use the money for buying alcohol. Thus any act of monetary giving is not only unnecessary (despite Matt 5:42 which seems pretty friggin clear), but possibly morally wrong. Well, like I always […]

Wine and Glory

In the story of the wedding at Cana where Jesus turns water into “the best wine” (2:10), the story ends interstingly. Verse 11 reads “Jesus did this, the first of his signs, in Cana of Galilee, and revealed his glory; and his disciples believed in him.” What I find interesting is the mention of glory […]


As some of you know for the occasional random posts I’ve done, I love to cook in many forms and have over the last year developed an interest in mixology. In the interest of not cluttering this blog with my every culinary whim, my best friend Andrew and I have started our own blog to […]

Best AAR Discovery

I think my favorite find of this year’s AAR was McLean’s pub. Despite the undeniable weakness of most Canadian beer, you can’t deny the unequivocal awesomeness of drinking beer from your own tap:

One Year From Now. . .

This is where I’ll be. If the Lord wills. Please, Lord will.

And I’m Back…

The time in Chicago was great. I partook of many things. Including this: And, naturally some of this: Moreover, if you’re in Chicago any Wednesday in August you have to make your way to the Tonic Room some evening and catch le Percolateur. They are fantastic. And the bar’s not half bad either.

Why does the Devil have all the good drinks?

Over the last few months as I’ve plunged in my latest hobby, the creation of classical and obscure cocktails, I’ve found it funny that so many of the drinks are named after the Prince of Darkness. Two of the best cocktails you’ll ever have are entitled the Satan’s Whiskers and the Diablo. Of course, one […]

Nothing for you today…

But if you live in Portland, you should head down to 5th and Oak downtown and get yourself one of these awesome schnitzelwiches: There is way more chicken (or pork) than this picture shows though. Amazing, amazing sandwiches.

Final Day

Real posts return tomorrow with a flurry of reflections on stuff I’m reading in Barth and Yoder. In the meantime, enjoy a nice smoked chicken if you have the equipment, time, and inclination.

Another Day Off

Still taking it easy. Last night enjoyed my first-made Corpse Reviver. Definitely lives up to the name.

Day Off

Real posts coming soon. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But soon. In the meantime, enjoy a Bourbon Renewal. It’ll change your life.

Wine, Health, and Life

There is a great article in Slate Magazine about the odd American fixation on searching for health benefits in wine drinking. A couple snippets from the article: Personally, I’m thrilled to learn that red wine could help me avoid cancer, outlast opponents on the tennis court, survive a nuclear attack, and lead a long, lucid, […]

A Theology of Ribs

One of my passions is learning the fine art of smoking various meats and learning the nuances of regional forms of barbecuing.  I have now become known as the guy in my congregation that wants to throw parties centered on everyone eating brisket and well-rubbed and smoked ribs.  From the double-dry rubbed ribs of Memphis […]

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