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Category Archives: Cocktails


As some of you know for the occasional random posts I’ve done, I love to cook in many forms and have over the last year developed an interest in mixology. In the interest of not cluttering this blog with my every culinary whim, my best friend Andrew and I have started our own blog to […]

Why does the Devil have all the good drinks?

Over the last few months as I’ve plunged in my latest hobby, the creation of classical and obscure cocktails, I’ve found it funny that so many of the drinks are named after the Prince of Darkness. Two of the best cocktails you’ll ever have are entitled the Satan’s Whiskers and the Diablo. Of course, one […]

Another Day Off

Still taking it easy. Last night enjoyed my first-made Corpse Reviver. Definitely lives up to the name.

Day Off

Real posts coming soon. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But soon. In the meantime, enjoy a Bourbon Renewal. It’ll change your life.

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