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Category Archives: Eberhard Jüngel

Things of Note

Evan has notified us of an upcoming Review of Politics issue that is dedicated to the work of William Cavanaugh. Looks like some important reading there. Also, Millinerd has done a  write-up of what looks to be a very important article on the analogia entis by our own R.O Flyer. The article engages John Betz’s […]

Poverty and Jesus

“[Jesus's] kingship has no worldly luster, his power is powerlessness compared to the strength of others. ‘He who alone is rich is . . . the poorest of the poor’ (167). In word and deed he turns especially toward the poor; their poverty corresponds to his. The royal man’s activity shows a marked affinity for […]

The Karl Barth Blog Conference So Far…

The Karl Barth Blog Conference is in full swing and so far there have been some great posts and some great discussions ensuing as a result.  Here are the papers that have been presented thus far: Welcome by WTM Introduction: The Impossible Possibility? Philosophy and Theology in the Work of Eberhard Jüngel by Jon Mackenzie […]

The Historicization of God’s Being

The Karl Barth Blog Conference is now well underway and my own contribution has just been posted today, dealing with the issue of Jüngel’s theological ontology and the whole thorny issue of the historicality of God’s being.  I argue in this post that, according to Jüngel, God’s very being is constituted through the history of […]

The 2008 Karl Barth Blog Conference Begins

The 2008 Karl Barth Blog Conference has now begun.  Over the next week we can look forward to a variety of posts exploring Eberhard Jüngel’s radical interpretation of Barth’s theology of the Trinity in God’s Being is in Becoming.  This is sure to be a great conference.  Stay tuned.

The 2008 Karl Barth Blog Conference Draws Nigh

This year’s Karl Barth Blog Conference is going to begin in under two weeks.  Stay tuned to Der Evangelische Theologe for what is sure to be a great conference. The topic for the conference will be Eberhard Jüngel’s God’s Being is in Becoming: The Trinitarian Being of God in the Theology of Karl Barth. The […]

Jenson, Jüngel, and the Resurrection

In my recent re-reading of the works of Eberhard Jüngel I’ve noticed a far stronger connection that I saw before between his theology and the theology of Robert Jenson.  While there are certain central differences between the two (most notably in their respective understandings of justification, the sacraments, and eccleisology), they are extremely close in […]

Jesus as God’s Self-Interpretation

One of the central theses of Eberhard Jüngel’s book God’s Being is in Becoming is that the doctrine of the Trinity is our interpretation of God’s own self-interpretation.  For Jüngel, God’s revelation perfectly corresponds to Godself.  The triune God is the one who corresponds to himself.  His being is his act, and the revelation of the […]

Love Alone can Involve itself with Death

“Resurrection means the overcoming of death.  But death will cease only when it no longer consumes the life which excludes it, but when life has absorbed death into itself.  The victory over death, which is the object of faith’s hope on the basis of God’s identification with the dead Jesus which took place in the […]

Karl Barth Blog Conference 2008: Update

As it turns out my own proposal for a plenary paper for this year’s Karl Barth Blog Conference will be published on day three of the conference.  The title for my piece is “A Still Greater Historicity:  Hegel, Jüngel, and the Historicization of God’s Being”.  This paper will exmine  the role of Hegel in Jüngel’s trinitarianism […]

Jüngel: The Poverty of Jesus and the Being of God

“If one understands the divinity of God out of its unity with the poverty of the existence of the Crucified One, then God’s being can no longer be thought as infinite in contrast with every finitude, and certainly not as independence in contrast with every dependence, and obviously not as an eternity which excludes time, […]

The Second Annual Karl Barth Blog Conference

 Travis has announced the upcoming Second Annual Karl Barth Blog Conference.  After last year’s smashing success engaging Karl Barth’s Protestant Theology in the Nineteenth Century, this is sure to be an excellent series of collaborative posts as well.  Here is the information on the conference which is scheduled for early June: The topic for the […]

Faith as Participation in God

Faith is participation in God himself. Certainly faith does not force itself into a position between God and God. It is the essence of faith to let God be who he is. But if faith does participate in God himself, without penetrating God in such a way that it forces itself between God and God, […]

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