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Category Archives: Eugene McCarraher

McCarraher on Radical Orthodoxy

By popular request, here is Gene McCarraher’s biting critique of Radical Orthodoxy. Right on the money as far as I’m concerned. Like a lot of Christian intellectuals over the last two decades, I quaffed a bit of the Kool-Aid served up by those in the RO constellation. Well, if I can extend the Kool-Aid metaphor […]

McCarraher at TOJ, ctd.

The final, and in my opinion the best, part of The Other Journal’s interview with Gene McCarraher is live now. Definitely check it out. The stuff on Herbert McCabe is really worth your time. Especially if you have committed the grave sin of not reading Herbert McCabe. This section of the interview also includes Gene’s […]

More from TOJ and how you can help keep it coming

Part two of Gene McCarraher’s interview with The Other Journal has been published. Check it out, it’s well worth the read. In part two of the interview, McCarraher talks about the “Obama Doctrine,” Niebuhrian realism, and the usefulness of maps.Here’s just one quote: If there is such a thing as the Obama Doctrine, it’s different […]

Eugene McCarraher at TOJ

Chris at The Other Journal has recently posted part 1 of a three-part interview with Eugene McCarraher that is definitely worth the read. So far there’s been some fascinating commentary on things ranging from evaluating the aughts to the presidency of Barack Obama and the Tiger Woods scandal. Here’s just one quote, on conservative Christianity […]

Eugene McCarraher on Abortion

Lately the “culture of death” rhetoric has been heating up among many conservative commentators in reference to the issue of Obama’s lifting the ban on stem cell research. This has become yet another occasion for many to rail against abortion as the great moral evil of our time. Now, I don’t really actually disagree with […]

Discussions on Holiness, Ministry, and Slavery

For some good and interesting reflections on church planting, faith, and ministry, folks might want to check out my friend B.D.’s blog, The Anchor.  He’s recently posted a great reflection on reclaiming holiness that’s definitely worthy of attention. You might also check out Adam’s recent post on Eugene McCarraher’s critique of Mark Noll’s new book […]

If you want to read a good post…

You should definitely check out Christian’s latest blog entry.  It is a probing discussion of how socio-linguistic boundaries between the church and the world make it possible (or not) for Christian and non-Christians to work together in building a more just world.  Through an examination of the socialist politics of Eugene McCarraher and Slovoj Zizek, Christian […]

Three Theological Quotes on Capitalism

First, I think that Christians should stop yakking about ‘consumerism.’ ‘Consumerism’ is not the problem—capitalism is. Consumerism is the work ethic of consumption, the transformation of leisure and pleasure into duties. Talking about consumerism is a way of not talking about capitalism, and I’ve come to think that that’s the reason why so many people, […]

Eugene McCarraher on Personhood and “the Secular”

“Once you concede the essential legitimacy of the ‘secular’ account of the person—or of economics, or politics, etc.—you end up relegating Christianity to the realm of ‘spirituality,’ or ‘values,’ or some other gaseous invertebrate that hovers around an ‘essentially’ secular self. Rather, Christians should contend that the ‘secular’ marks the repression, displacement, and renaming of […]

McCarrharer on Capitalism & Theology

“Paradise and beatitude are, in the end, the unacknowledged longings of economic life.  Our imperium of money has been an elaborate attempt to divert our attention from these desires.  For the last generation, we’ve been admonished to lock “utopia” in the attic of historical nightmares and dwell within the cheerfully commercial boundaries of the capitalist […]

The Market as Sacramental Space: Eugene McCarraher

The most popular artifacts of contemporary business literature make much of “the soulful corporation”, complete with “credos” and “mission statements”. Often read as a high-minded farrago of moral platitudes, most of these documents should be read in appalling earnest, whether as perverse ecclesiological statements, parodies of liturgical labor, or twisted forms of sacramentality. One best-selling […]

Secularization as Sacramental Malignancy: Eugene McCarraher

“…what we have called “disenchantment” or “secularization” is actually the repression or displacement of sacrament—and, to borrow from Freud, the repressed and displaced always returns in a different but malignant form. Miller says as much in terms of a critique of commodity culture when he writes that “the most pressing challenge of consumer desire . […]

McCarraher Trounces Hitchens

In a recent review of Christopher Hitchens’ book God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything in Commonweal, Eugene McCarraher has splendidly and devastatingly critiqued this poorly-informed and overrated addition to the latest litany of militantly athiest manifestos littering the top seller lists in bookstores around the U.S.  McCarraher, always an excellent writer and social critic […]

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