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Category Archives: Herbert McCabe

Sin and love

What makes us humans is, of course, being more loving. And sin is a defect in this love. To say that Jesus was without sin just means that he was wholly loving, that he did not put up barriers against people, that he was not afraid of being at the disposal of others, that he […]

He personally is with us

To say that Jesus rose from the dead is, among other things, to say that in spite of the fact that his love for us in obedience to his mission led to his death — or in fact because his love led to his death — he is still present to us, really present to […]

Throw Yourself Away in Love: An Easter Season Sermon

When he had gone out, Jesus said, “Now the Son of Man has been glorified, and God has been glorified in him. If God has been glorified in him, God will also glorify him in himself and will glorify him at once. Little children, I am with you only a little longer. You will look […]

McCarraher at TOJ, ctd.

The final, and in my opinion the best, part of The Other Journal’s interview with Gene McCarraher is live now. Definitely check it out. The stuff on Herbert McCabe is really worth your time. Especially if you have committed the grave sin of not reading Herbert McCabe. This section of the interview also includes Gene’s […]

God’s Self-Understanding

For my money you can’t do much better than this in talking about the Christian doctrine of God. This is long, but I couldn’t bear to cut the quote off. It’s just too good: Jesus is God’s word, God’s idea of God, how God understands himself. He is how-God-understands-himself become a part of our human […]

The God of Atheism

Seriously, how much does Herbert McCabe rule? Reading Eagleton lately has made me need to go back and read the real thing. Unlike the new atheists that Eagleton roundly eviscerates, McCabe displays with the utmost profundity that all true criticism of “the gods” that enslave humanity comes precisely from Christianity itself: “Christianity begins with out […]

If we Speak for God, then Everything is Permitted

Žižek takes Dostoyevsky’s dictum “If God doessn’t exist, then everything is permitted” to task, claming, in true Žižek fashion, that the opposite is in fact true: if God does exist everything is permitted to those who speak for God: “[Dostoyevsky] couldn’t have been more wrong: the lesson of today’s terrorism is that if there is […]

McCabe on Love, Jesus, and Idolatry

If you love enough you will be killed.  Mankind inevitably rejects the only solution to its problem, the solution of love.  Human history rejects its own meaning.  Mankind is doomed.  In this way we may look on the crucifixion and despair.  The resurrection changes the whole perspective.  It says that Jesus is not only a […]

More McCabe on the Trinity

“The cross and resurrection are the eternal dialogue of Father and Son as projected on to the screen of history, what it looks like in history.  If you want to know what the Trinity looks like be filled with the Holy Spirit and look at the cross.  The Trinity, when reflected in our history, like […]

Speaking of McCabe

Now that Ben has finally been convinced to read Herbert McCabe, it is great to find out that there is yet another posthumous work of his coming out in the States in May.  Readers of McCabe will be delighted that his On Aquinas will soon be available, complete with a foreword by Anthony Kenny.  In all […]

McCabe on Jesus and the Trinity

One of the things that is strking about Herbert McCabe’s trinitarian theology is the way in which it is at once radically classical and radically biblical.  For McCabe the story of Jesus simply is the immanent triune life of God projected onto human history.  McCabe, better than nearly anyone else I have ever read is […]

Great One-Liners by McCabe and Metz

McCabe:  “Luther was perhaps the Ratzinger of his age.” “We for the most part shy off being human because if we are really human we will be crucified.” Metz: “The shortest definition of religion: interruption.” “Discipleship and the apocalyptic idea of imminent expectation absolutely belong together.”

More Love and Equality with McCabe

“Evidently it is not true that lovers have to be of exactly equal height or equal intelligence or equal sensitivity to music. The equality I speak of is not an equality on some common scale against which they are both measured; it is, so to speak, an equality where each is the scale for the […]

Love and Equality

One of the points that Herbert McCabe makes frequently is that love, for it to be truly love must exist between equals.  McCabe is emphatic that “love begins and ends in equality” (God Still Matters, 4).  There may be all manner of good and non-dominative relationships of authority and obedience, but those are not love.  Love can […]

Why Remain Christian?

“Christianity alone, because it is the articulate presence of Christ, the future of mankind, cannot (however hard it sometimes seems to try) wholly betray its mission.  As it seems to me, like St. Peter and the twelve, we remain Christians because there is nowhere else to go: if Christianity is not the revolution, nothing else […]

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