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Category Archives: James Alison

Resentment and theology

Resentment is a pattern of desire such that someone is much more occupied with the obstacle to their project than with the project itself. The sign of grace is when someone finds that their desire has been reformed, so that what had seemed like an obstacle becomes relatively indifferent, and they are ever freer to […]

The hard labor of theology

The more I read James Alison the more he continues to be rather shockingly profound, perhaps most clearly in the humility and simplicity of his work — which also always seems to embolden and enliven it. Here he is on the nature of doing theology: Theology is perhaps for those of us who can’t find […]

Who is Worship For?

In his Undergoing God, James Alison says a lot of provocative and important things, not least about the nature of worship. He details two different accounts of what worship is, which he terms “the Nuremberg” and “the un-Nuremberg,” drawing on the imagery of Hitler’s Nuremberg rallies. “The Nuremberg” form of worship consists in the crowd […]

Idolatry and Sexuality

In the comments thread on the McCabe quote I posted yesterday, Charlie directed us to a fantastic article deserving of a close reading by James Alison which deals with the difference between idolatry and worship, particularly as this relates to questions regarding homosexuality and Christian doctrine. It is definitely worth the time to read. Here’s […]

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