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Category Archives: J.C. Hoekendijk

Eschatological Existence

From the ever provocative and incisive Hoekendijk: In Jesus, people are introduced into an unprecedented history of free men, a continuous risky adventure with always hazardous improvisations; of each of the years that we count from Jesus Christ, we only know that it will be a “year of our Lord” and that must suffice. Now […]

Church Order as Superabundance

J.C. Hoekendijk makes some interesting comments about the nature of church office and order. For Hoekendijk it is absolutely central that church order not be understood as constitutive of the church. Rather, the only thing that is constitutive of the church is the office of Christ, made present by the Spirit, manifest in mutual agape. […]

Eschatological Existence

“Now then, ‘When anyone is united with Christ, there is a new  world; the old order has gone, the new order has already begun.’ (II Cor. 5:17) I think that here lies the heart of the eschatological existence. A new act of creation has taken us out of the oppression of our closed and too […]

Evangelism after Christendom

J.C. Hoekendijk has numerous penetrating things to say about evangelism in a post-Christendom context. Not one to soften anything he says, this quote, like so many others of his has a bit of a strong edge to it: Traditional method of evangelism generally presupposed the existence of  Christendom, of the corpus Christianum. Wichern, the father […]

The Proexistence of the Church in the World

“The church lives for the world. She can only ‘share in the gospel’ if she really desires to serve all (I Cor 9:19-23). Whether a church really has apostolic substance will always become apparent in her diakonia, in her servant form. On the other hand, the church can only really be the church if she […]

Quote of the Day: God is Not a Temple Dweller

“Liberty, then, is liberated when one is taken up in the liberating acts of God. Where? In history of course! After all, our God is not a Baal, who is fettered to a certain portion of the world and who cannot get our of the way, who has no say outside his territory, who cannot […]

The Nature of Mission

In an article on the legacy of J.C. Hoekendijk, Bert Hoedemaker gives a concise statement of Hoekendijk’s idea of the nature of mission: “Mission” came to mean for Hoekendijk the vicarious existence of the whole people of God for the world, presence and service wherever the divine initiative with regard to the world manifests itself […]

More on Petty Christian Virtues

In an an evangelical subculture that gets its ire up more over cussing than torture, Hoekendjik has some wisdom: Christian virtues that are present [in the church] are minimized, while while the kind of “church virtues” that Dorothy Sayers once described as a combination of stateliness, childishness, shyness, dullness, sentimentality, daintiness, and depressedness are enlarged […]

Welcome to the Age of Sisyphus

It is the pathos of modern philosophy and theology to try to figure out the nature of modernity and late modernity on the basis of which mythological Greek figures things correspond to. Nietzsche’s notion of Dionysus against Apollo (and “the Crucified”) has become a standard way of talking about the matter. Also common is to […]

Rebelling Conformists

I continue to be struck by how prescient J.C. Hoekendjik’s work is in regard to the nature of Christian mission and modern culture. One could even argue that he diagnoses the much joked about condition of the modern Christian hipster culture–which is, of course a sort of social-cultural ricochet of late capitalism in the West.  […]

Messianic Evangelism and Propaganda

Again with Hoekendijk on the “messianic concept of evangelism.” He argues that the Messianic concept of evangelism “means a total rejection of two very well-known methods” (p. 22). First, it means “a total rejection of everything that tends to be propaganda.” According to Hoekendijk, “To evangelize is to sow and wait in respectful humility and in expectant hope: in […]

Evangelism and Messianic Time

J.C. Hoekendijk is truly a wellspring of missiological insights. From his book, The Church Inside Out: “Throughout the Bible, evangelization of the heathen is seen as a possibility only in the Messianic days. In the Old Testament it is the Messiah who gathers the nations. ‘Unto him shall the gathering of the people be’ (Gen […]

Gospel Proclamation, Ideology, and the Other

In his book, The Church Inside Out, J.C. Hoekendijk makes some fascinating missiological and ecclesiological observations about the nature and mission of the church in the Western world. He concludes his chapter, “Apostolate: Communicating with Fellow Travelers” with the following four points (p. 65-66): 1. The proclamation to the outside can never be a rehash […]

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