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Category Archives: John Zizioulas

The Father Almighty

While Zizioulas’ views regarding the monarchy of the Father are, in some important respects problematic, he does offer some very helpful ways in which to understand the person of the Father, a subject woefully neglected in contemporary trinitarian theology.  A chief issue that Zizioulas illumines is the matter of the Creed which proclaims belief in […]

Zizioulas on the Father as Cause

One of the points on which John Zizioulas has been roundly criticized is on his insistence that the Father be understood as the arche of the Trinity.  The Father, on Zizioulas’ view, informed by the Cappadocians, is the ground of the personhood of the Son and the Spirit in a distinctly a-symmetrical way.  The Son […]

John Zizioulas on Intelligent Design?

I’m now reading what I take to be the best book written by an Orthodox theologian in the last 20 years, with the possible exception of Hart’s The Beauty of the Infinite.  John Zizioulas’ Communion and Otherness is a masterpiece that is not only beautifully Eastern, but philosophically erudite and which engages meaningfully with Western […]

Zizioulas on Mysticism & the Church

Ecclesial mysticism implies an experience which takes us away from what is normally called mysticism. Here union with God does not take place at the level of consciousness. The problematic of mysticism operates normally with the assumption that the organ (centre) of spirituality is consciousness. Hence it opposes to knowledge, ignorance. However, this presupposes or […]

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