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Christ’s baptism, Christ’s confession

A fitting reflection I think, for this Sunday, the Baptism of the Lord: When He had Himself baptised with water by John, Jesus confessed both God and [humankind]. A better way of putting it is that because He confessed God, the God whose will was soon to be done on earth as it is in […]


The final summing up of all this which is told us at Easter is: Jesus is victor! Jesus — is it not he who was born in humblest lowliness, who died on the cross crying the cry of a derelict of God, he who forgave sins but who collapsed under the burden of sin, he, […]

Barth and the primacy of the family

Thanks to Melissa for sending this gem from Karl Barth my way: If along the third main line of the texts in question we have to do with the overcoming, proclaimed with the incursion of the kingdom of God, of the false separation between man and man revealed in the friend-foe relationship and concretely expressing […]

Church Dogmatics §2 Comments

§2.1 The Necessity of Dogmatic Prolegomena Summary: Prolegomena is the introductory part of theology that seeks to understand its particular way of knowledge. Prolegomena, thus, is our attempt to speak about how we go about knowing in theology. Why do we need prolegomena? Well, first of all it isn’t something simply forced on us by […]

Other Barth reading groups

I just wanted to make mention of several of the other groups reading through Barth’s Church Dogmatics around the blogosphere. In addition to ours, Cabe and Matt (and now Adam) have been reading through the CD for a while now. They are currently well into 2/I. In addition, Daniel Kirk is also doing a read […]

Church Dogmatics §1 Comments

This is cross-posted from our ongoing reading/discussion blog, Reading through Church Dogmatics. I figure I’ll post my summary sections here the day after I post them on the reading group blog so I can index them as we go and maybe it’ll end up being a helpful resource for people interested in the Church Dogmatics. […]

Reading through the Church Dogmatics

For those of you who are interested, I’ve joined a small group of friends who are reading through Barth’s Church Dogmatics together, fifteen pages per day. At this rate it’ll take us two years to get through it, but I think there’s far less chance of burning out than if we had gone for the […]

The blasphemy of the “incarnational church”

David Guretzki has posted a quote, with his own reflections, on Karl Barth’s provocative — but correct! — claim that to call the church an “extension of the incarnation” is ultimately blasphemous: Thus to speak of a continuation or extension of the incarnation in the Church is not only out of place but even blasphemous. […]

KBBC Week 2 Complete

The second  session of this years Karl Barth Blog Conference is complete. There are lots of conversations are still going strong, so make sure to catch up on your reading and feel free to contribute more to the discussion. Here is what we saw presented this week: Welcome and Introduction Outline and Contributor Biographies Barth […]

KBBC Continues: Barth and Hauerwas

The KBBC is continuing unabated this week and today my own contribution, reflecting on the relationship between the work of Stanley Hauerwas and Karl Barth, has been posted. I’ve reproduced the entire entry here, but have closed comments. Please direct all conversation to Der Evangelische Theologe where the conference is being posted in full. Barth […]

Barth and the “No Country”

Today’s post at the KBBC on Barth in dialogue with the Coen Brothers’ film, No Country for Old Men has been a real treat. It seems to me that this dialogue which has been helpfully rendered by Coutts serves, among other purposes, to show us the utter radicality of Barth’s understanding of salvation. The film […]

KBBC Week 2

The Karl Barth Blog Conference is now in its second week. Make sure to check out the introductory post letting us know what’s in store for us this week and the first installment, dealing with Barth in dialogue with the Coen Brothers. Here’s the outline for the week: Monday: Barth in Conversation with the Coen […]

Karl Barth Blog Conference in Full Swing

For those of you who may not have noticed yet, the main theoblogging event of the year is well underway at Der Evangelische Theologe. A notable recent entry is yesterday’s post on Barth and Bonhoeffer. Also recently posted are entries placing Barth in conversation with Schleiermacher, Bavinck, and Tillich. So far all the posts and […]

Religious righteousness

If for some reason you have never read through Karl Barth’s The Word of God and the Word of Man, you have one task before you. And don’t just read “The Strange New World Within the Bible,” as awesome as that essay is, and neglect all the others. They are all as deeply moving and […]

Barth, the church, and the world

As many of you all know, the Karl Barth Conference is currently going on and it sounds like a great time. WTM has some comments posted about it and hopefully more are to come. In the meantime, for those of us unable to make it out to Princeton, here is an excerpt from the conclusion […]

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