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Category Archives: Karl Barth

Your guide to reading Karl Barth

Reading Barth’s prodigious work in theology has become something of an archeological impossibility for most theological students. Among my friends, even those who are the most rigorous Barth fans, I only rarely meet people who have managed to read through the entire Dogmatics, let alone the majority of Barth’s smaller works. Inevitably, most of us […]

Barth, church, mission

More apropos comments from Karl Barth on the church and/as mission: And now, finally, we can put the question and answer it from a very different standpoint.  The direction which was peculiar to the apostles and which we find in Scripture involved for them a particular and highly individual attitude and way of existence which […]

This happened

Whatever else we may want to say about him, or his theology, I cannot doubt that the God Barth wrestled with was the living God of the Gospel: God was with us, with us His enemies, with us who were visited and smitten by His wrath. God was with us in all the reality and […]

Barth on Ideology

[Ideology] comes about as [one] thinks he can and should ascribe to the presuppositions and sketches he has achieved by his remarkable ability, not just a provisional and transitory but a permanent normativity, not just one that is relative but one that is absolute, not just one that is human but one that is quasi-divine.  […]

Baptism and Nationalism according to Barth

In response to the recent discussions of baptism here, Kevin has posted the following quote from Karl Barth on infant baptism: The real reason for the persistent adherence to infant baptism is quite simply the fact that without it the church would suddenly be in a remarkably embarrassing position. Every individual would then have to […]

God With Us!

More from Barth’s stirring sermons: God with us! That is too strong a contradiction, not only over against our sins and sufferings but also against the nature of our existence down to the very deepest depths of its roots. God with us! That conflicts too much, not only with our unrighteousness, but more yet, with […]

I have come to kindle fire upon the earth…

Barth has an awesome sermon on Luke 12:49 reflecting on Jesus’s statement that he came to kindle a fire on the earth: Jesus used this strong word very consciously: I am come to kindle fire. Whatever gets into fire is not only changed, but it is transmuted in a manner unheard of, into something different […]

More on the Karl Barth Blog Conference

If any of you still haven’t been following this year’s ongoing Karl Barth Blog Conference, make sure to check it out. Here are the essays that have been posted thus far: Introduction: Travis McMaken Day 1: Travis McMaken on Calvin and Barth on Paul (with a response by Jason Ingalls) Day 2: Shane Wilkins on […]

Karl Barth and Liberal Historicism

The Karl Barth Blog Conference is still in high swing over at Der Evangelische Theologe. Today David Congdon’s excellent article has been published which deals with Karl Barth’s opposition to liberal historicism as it relates to the Romans commentary. My own response to David has also been published. Here is a bit of my conclusion […]

Karl Barth Blog Conference 2009 Begins

The Karl Barth Blog Conference 2009 has begun! The projected schedule is as follows: Introduction (Travis McMaken) Day 1: Calvin and Barth on the Exegesis of Romans 1.18-20 (Travis McMaken; response by Jason Ingalls) Day 2: Exegeting Romans 1: A Critical Appraisal (title tentative: Shane Wilkins) Day 3: Barth’s Exegesis of Romans 1 in his […]

Karl Barth Blog Conference 2009

Keep your eyes open starting this Sunday for this year’s Karl Barth Blog Conference. The theme this year is related to Karl Barth’s Romans Commentary and the question of natural theology. There are some great contributors lined up and it promises to be a superb conference. The Karl Barth Blog Conferece, hosted every year at […]

Barth on Calvin

Since the Calvin quincentenary is the subject of much discussion these days, here’s a pretty cool quote from Barth on the 400th anniversary of Calvin’s death: It is not worth while really to become a ‘Calvinist’, but it is certainly almost singularly worth while to become Calvin’s free pupil. If today, after the experiences we […]

Poverty and Jesus

“[Jesus's] kingship has no worldly luster, his power is powerlessness compared to the strength of others. ‘He who alone is rich is . . . the poorest of the poor’ (167). In word and deed he turns especially toward the poor; their poverty corresponds to his. The royal man’s activity shows a marked affinity for […]

Christ and Sexuality: Some Consequences

Follow me on this one for a second. Within the Christian tradition, I think its fairly uncontroversial that Jesus Christ is the archetype, the ultimate definition, the mesoform of what it means to be human. I suppose this could be disputed, but within Christian theology this is pretty axiomatic. Jesus’s own historical, contingent, particular human […]

Good News About the New Dogmatics

Oh thank God.

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