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Category Archives: Miroslav Volf

Is the church a subject?

The notion of the church as the totus Christus, a notion commonly connected to the image of the body of Christ seems to imply that the church is an entity, a subject. However, is this the case? Volf says no: The church, both as the universal communio sanctorum and the local church, is not a […]

Volf on the body of Christ, ctd.

So, given what we’ve seen from Volf, how does he ultimately describe the church as the body of Christ? In a rather trinitarian way: Christ cannot be identical with the church. An element of juxtaposition obtains between Christ and the church that precisely as such is constitutive for their unity. Only as the bride can […]

The organic body?

The notion of the body of Christ seems to point towards and organic connection between Christ and the members of the church as constituting some sort of monopersonal identity. The notion of a body and its members seems to imply such a relation of organic oneness. However, this is not necessarily the case, and Paul’s […]

It’s always a metaphor

Miroslav Volf’s excellent volume on ecclesiology, After Our Likeness has a number of helpful and important comments about the nature of the imagery of the body of Christ. One all-important point that is often glossed over in ecclesiological discussion is about the metaphor’s, well, metaphorical character: Every interpretation according to which the church is not […]

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