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Category Archives: N.T. Wright

Jesus and the Victory of God (6): Stories of the Kingdom 1

As he moves into the first of three chapters dealing with the concept of the kingdom of God, Wright seeks to establish the way in which kingdom-of-God languages functioned in first century Judaism, and what therefore Jesus must have understood himself as doing when he declared the coming of the kingdom of God in and […]

Jesus and the Victory of God (5): The Praxis of a Prophet

Now moving on to his constructive presentation of Jesus, Wright begins to unpack the center of his case. His key argument is that Jesus, when placed in his first century context is best understood as an eschatological prophet to Israel who understood himself in continuity with John the Baptist and the Old Testament prophetic tradition. […]

Jesus and the Victory of God (4): Prodigals and Paradigms

In the final chapter of his introductory section, Wright engages in a close reading of the parable of the prodigal son (which is also the parable of the “prodigal father” in Wright’s reading) and then utilizes the interpretation of that parable as the analogy for his own methodology of studying Jesus amidst the sea of […]

Jesus and the Victory of God (3): Back to the Future

In his third chapter, Wright edges closer to beginning his own constructive work on Jesus as he outlines in more detail the nature of his inquiry into the life of Jesus. Over-against the skeptical straitjacket which has been imposed on historical study by the Wredebahn scholars of the “New Quest” for the historical Jesus, Wright […]

Jesus and the Victory of God (2): Heavy Traffic on the Wredebahn

In his second chapter, Write begins to lay the foundation of his argument through an exhaustive examination of the history of Jesus scholarship. At the outset he notes two very broad and basic threads in such scholarship. The first takes its impetus from William Wrede’s “thoroughgoing skepticism” which believes we can know very little about […]

Jesus and the Victory of God (1): Jesus now and Then

At the moment I am going through the second two volumes of N.T. Wright’s Christian Origins and the Question of God series.  Part of what I’m doing in reading the books is giving a review and summary of each chapter of both books.  I thought I might as well contribute them here, so occasionally over […]

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