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Category Archives: Pope Benedict XVI

“Blog!” says the pope . . .

The supreme pontiff seems to think that priests ought to be blogging more: Responding adequately to this challenge amid today’s cultural shifts, to which young people are especially sensitive, necessarily involves using new communications technologies. The world of digital communication, with its almost limitless expressive capacity, makes us appreciate all the more Saint Paul’s exclamation: […]

Ratzinger the Revisionist

David Gibson has some interesting commentary on the unexpected way Ratzinger’s papacy is turning out, as seen most recently in the whole move to bring in the disaffected Anglicans: Thus far, Benedict’s papacy has been one of constant movement and change, the sort of dynamic that liberal Catholics — or Protestants — are usually criticized […]

The Heresy of Novak

The brand new encyclical by Pope Benedict XVI is out and there are a smattering of responses about the blogosphere. Whatever we may want to say about the merits or liabilities of Benedict’s claims in the encyclical, no one could do worse than Michael Novak in his pathetic response over on the First Things blog: […]

Pope Benedict’s Easter Sermon

Here’s a segment from the Pope’s Easter homily, preaced last Sunday: “Let us celebrate the feast … with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth”. This exhortation from Saint Paul, which concludes the short reading that was proclaimed a few moments ago, resounds even more powerfully in the context of the Pauline Year. Dear brothers and sisters, […]

Pope Benedict at the Beginning of Holy Week

“Tomorrow we begin the Holy Triduum, the heart of the entire liturgical year: a time when we immerse ourselves in the central events of our Redemption. The Chrism Mass serves as a prelude to these three days, as priests renew their promises to the Bishop, who then blesses the holy oils and consecrates the chrism […]

Ratzinger on Final Union

“I am convinced that the question of the final union of all Christians remains, indeed, unanswerable. One must not forget that this question also includes the question of the union between Israel and the church. At any rate, to me the notion that one could achieve unity through a “really general (ecumenical) council” is a […]

Pope Benedict on Martin Luther

As was pointed out in the comments on my last post (though I should give credit to my friend, Charlie Collier of Wipf & Stock for pointing it out to me first), it seems that there will indeed be upcoming interaction between the current Pope and Martin Luther.  According to a recent article in the Times […]

Why we shouldn’t fear Pope Benedict XVI

A Bavarian bar-goer who can put away a German stein such as this one is alright by me.  Alas, if only Ratzinger could have appreciated Luther’s passionate love for beer, perhaps he could have appreciated some of the other aspects of his thought as well.  Regardless, I for one am glad to have a Pope […]

A Reassertion of Catholic Ecumenical Primacy

A recent statement released by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith of the Catholic Church reasserted a somewhat conseravtive interpretation of Vatican II’s decree on the Church and ecumenism (Lumen Gentium and Unitatis redintegratio respectively).  Essentially, the docment just released states the following five points:  Vatican II did not “change” Catholic ecclesiology, “rather it developed, deepened […]

Benedict XVI on the Word and Eucharist

For man, the will of God is not a foreign force of exterior origin, but the actual orientation of his own being. Thus the revelation of God’s will is the revelation of what our own being truly wishes – it is a gift. So we should learn anew to be grateful that in the word […]

Pope Benedict XVI on Hans Urs von Balthasar

Message of Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) to the Participants in the International Conventionon the Occasion of the Centenary of the Birth of the Swiss Theologian Hans Urs von BalthasarPontifical Lateran University, Rome Lords, Cardinals, venerable Brothers in the Episcopate and in the Priesthood, distinguished ladies and gentlemen:It is with great pleasure that I join […]

The Inconceivable Credibility of God’s Love

Love alone is credible; nothing else can be believed, and nothing else ought to be believed. This is the achievement, the “work” of faith: to recognize this absolute prius, which nothing else can surpass; to believe that there is such a thing as love, absolute love, and that there is nothing higher or greater than […]

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