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Category Archives: Robert Jenson

On taking sin seriously

In my recent, and utterly long sermon I quoted from Robert Jenson about the nature of the Gospel’s morality, a quote that I find vital and illuminating in many ways: The gospel’s specific morality is a matter of opened opportunities, of what we may reasonably do because Jesus lives, that otherwise would have been foolish. […]

Throw Yourself Away in Love: An Easter Season Sermon

When he had gone out, Jesus said, “Now the Son of Man has been glorified, and God has been glorified in him. If God has been glorified in him, God will also glorify him in himself and will glorify him at once. Little children, I am with you only a little longer. You will look […]

Summarizing Jenson on God and Time

Peter Leithart has perhaps the best post-length summary of Robert Jenson’s controversial and oft-misunderstood theology of God and time: Is God eternally and infinitely the eternal and infinite God that He is? Of course. He’s God. Is God dependent on creation for His fulfillment? Of course not. He’s God. The biblical God uniquely does not […]

The Morality of Freedom

“The gospel’s specific morality is a matter of opened opportunities, of what we may reasonably do that otherwise would have been foolish. The normal morality is a matter of imposed constraints, of what we must do, that otherwise we would have liked to not do. Given Christianity’s record of legalisms, it is hard to credit […]

Unconditional Promise

“In Jesus’ resurrection, the identity of the God of promise became clear. The news of Jesus’ death and resurrection is a claim on behalf of a God unequivocally identified as a God of unconditional promise: of life precisely in spite of, indeed using and transforming, death; of fulfillment in spite of, indeed including alienation. “God is whoever […]

An Interview with Robert Jenson

Pretty interesting interview with Robert Jenson that was originally published in the Christian Century in 2007. It’s been made available for free here. A few of the questions and responses are particularly interesting, regarding ecumenism, the church of the global south, theology and politics, and the question of Christ and culture: What do you hope […]

Free Lectures by Robert Jenson: The Regula Fidei and Scripture

Jason has recently finished posting notes on Robert Jenson’s 2009 Burn Lectures delivered at the University of Otago on the theme, ‘The Regula Fidei and Scripture’: Lecture 1: Creed, Scripture, and Their Modern Alienation Lecture 2: The Tanakh as Christian Scripture Lecture 3: The New Testament and the Regula Fidei Lecture 4: The Apostles’ Creed Lecture 5: The Creed as […]

The Meaning of Life is…Jazz?

Philosophers today are, by and large, not too bold. The same is only more true for theologians, that’s why when quite literally any sort of theological writing that is bold comes across the radar everybody is all in a tizzy. Terry Eagleton is fairly bold as philosophers go. This is seen in his willingness to […]

Rethinking Protology and Eschatology

I’ve commented before on the issue of protology and eschatology, arguing along with Robert Jenson for understanding the future, rather than the past as ontologically primary. The future, rather than the past is determinative for the ultimate shape of our being. However, in line with Jenson’s own thinking, any conception of eternity is some sort […]

Hart and Jenson: Locating the Disagreement

I’m currently re-reading David Bentley Hart’s The Beauty of the Infinite and am loving going back through this text again. This is truly a magnificent work of Christian theology that deserves extensive thoughtful engagement. After my initial reading of Hart’s book, I found myself giving a profoundly negative assessment thereto; however after letting the book sit […]

Trinity and Temporality

One of the most provocative claims made by Robert Jenson’s Trinitarian theology is that temporality has its source in the eternal life of the Trinity. In his view God is temporality itself, containing the reality of history within God’s own life.  This is important to understand in light of God’s claim that the event of […]

What is Freedom?

In my recent posts on Robert Jenson’s theology one of the recurring themes is that of freedom.  One of the revolutionary elements of Jenson’s theology is his radical challenge to conventional understandings of what freedom means in Western culture.  One of the recurring critiques of Jenson’s work is precisely that he compromises God’s freedom (see […]

Robert Jenson: A Reader’s Guide

Lately I’ve been re-reading the works of Robert Jenson, as you all may have guessed from the overabundance of Jenson quotes that have appeared on this site lately.  Jenson remains, in my opinion the most important American theologian alive today, and perhaps the most important American theologian of the last century.  However, he is woefully […]

The Eternal Embrace of Time

In The Triune Identity, Robert Jenson opens his book with the following claim:  “Human life is possible — or in recent jargon ‘meaningful’ — only if past and future are somehow bracketed, only if their disconnection is somehow transcended, only if our lives somehow cohere to make a story.  Life in time is possible only, […]

Christ or Nothing

“If infinity is not the infinity of God, it must be the infinity of the world, that is, of nothingness.  The one who hears the call of infinity must believe either in Christ or in nothing.  Insofar as the call of infinity has been an actual historical phenomenon in the West, and insofar as we […]

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