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Category Archives: Sergei Bulgakov

The Church as Entelechy

In The Bride of The Lamb, Sergius Bulgakov argues that the church itself should be undestood as the fulfillment of God’s plan of salvation, but in a particular sense. The church is an entelechy, a term that takes its derivation from Aristotle’s Metaphysics. Therein Aristotle defines an entelechy (from en+telos) as a reality that has […]

Eucharist, Eschatology, and World in the Ecclesiology of Bulgakov

My own installment of the 2008 Bulgakov Blog Conference has just been posted over at Land of Unlikeness. I have re-posted it here, but please direct all comments to TOU to support the discussion over there. My thanks to Dan for all his hard work of organizing and patience with us contributors. Here is my […]

The Beatific Vision as Meta-History

Against notions of the final state as a sort of timeless tranquility, or contemplative stillness, Sergius Bulgakov portrays the final reconciliation as the beginning of a new journey, an endlessly energetic pilgrimage deeper into the mystery of God. History does not cease but transcends itself as it is transfigured into “meta-history.” The life of humanity […]

One Realm of Christ-Reality: Bonhoeffer and Bulgakov

Bonhoeffer and Bulgakov offer two similarly Christological construals of the world as the tabernacle of God’s presence and action. What I find alluring about both of them is that they portray the way in which God’s action is “at home” in the world, bringing it to completion and perfection without positing some sort of “natural” […]

The 2008 Bulgakov Blog Conference

Readers should head over to The Land of Unlikeness where the much-awaited Bulgakov Blog Conference has kicked off today with Cynthia Nielson’s supremely helpful introduction to Bulgakov. My own contribution will be coming up tomorrow and there are a large selection of other great contributors and topics to come. Make sure to check it out.

On Taking Liturgy Seriously

Sergius Bulgakov delivers an exhortation that most Christians probably need to hear, especially those of us in the West whose only experiences of culture and sociality, ecclesial or otherwise bear deep vestiges of artificiality and triviality. Too few of us even know how to think about our participation in gathered worship as an event actually […]

Out of the Last Adam’s Side

In his essay, “The Holy Grail,” Sergius Bulgakov makes a fascinating observation about John 19:34 about the blood and water flowing out of Jesus’ side when pierced by the spear of Longinus on the cross. Bulgakov notes that what flows out of the wound in Jesus’ side are the sacramental gifts of God to the […]

Sergei Bulgakov Blog Conference

Dan and Aron at The Land of Unlikeness have recently announced yet another great looking addition to the repitroire of blog conferences starting up throughout the theoblogosphere.  In addition to the Barth, Balthasar (going on right now), and Bonhoeffer blog conferences that are upcoming, we can now also look forward to the first Sergei Bulgakov Blog […]

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