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Category Archives: Stanley Hauerwas

KBBC Continues: Barth and Hauerwas

The KBBC is continuing unabated this week and today my own contribution, reflecting on the relationship between the work of Stanley Hauerwas and Karl Barth, has been posted. I’ve reproduced the entire entry here, but have closed comments. Please direct all conversation to Der Evangelische Theologe where the conference is being posted in full. Barth […]

Family problems & the church

You gotta give it to the great Texan when it comes issues regarding the role of “the family” in the Christian life: The assumption that the family is an end in itself can only make the family and marriage more personally destructive. When families exist for no reason other than their own existence, they become […]

Waxing Hauerwasian

In light of the recent mega-conversation on Hauerwas and the truth of the gospel, perhaps folks will indulge me if I wax Hauerwasian for a moment: “If you need a church to worship Jesus, then worship your fucking church!” Of course, you may know that the actual quote that Hauerwas has stated many times is […]

Why can’t Hauerwas just be a witness?

In the final chapter of of With the Grain of the Universe, Hauerwas reaches something of an apogee in stating his view of the importance of the church’s witness in relation to the truthfulness of the Christian message: Does the truth of Christian convictions depend on the faithfulness of the church and, if so, how […]

EP Responds to Obama’s Nobel Speech

The Ekklesia Project has launched a new blog in response to President Obama’s recent Nobel Prize acceptance speech. I think this is a good thing. EP came into existence to call into question Christians’ complicity with violence as such and war in particular. That was something of an easy target during the Bush years and […]

The Church’s Unrest

Jürgen Moltmann’s The Church in the Power of the Spirit continues to be one of the most impressive books I’ve yet encountered from him. In fact, I’ve found Moltmann’s work here quite helpful in light of the recent discussions about the viability of Hauerwas’s ecclesiology that have emerged from Nate Kerr’s book, Christ, History and […]

A Stanley Hauerwas Classic

This is one of my favorite Hauerwas stories. Let me say at the outset that I’m pretty sure the university in question was, in fact, Harvard. I might be wrong about that, but it makes no real difference. So this one time, Stanley Hauerwas was at Harvard to deliver a lecture and, being there early […]

Hauerwas’s Problem with Liberalism

In the appendix to his recent book of sermons, A Cross-Shattered Church, Stanley Hauerwas attempts to give a miniature “accounting” as it were of his own work. He does this, interestingly through Samuel Wells’ secondary work on him, which he takes to provide the best guide to understanding him. Here is what he has to […]

Is Christianity a Solution?

In the latest issue of Sojourners there is an interview with Jean Vanier and Stanley Hauerwas about their recent book, Living Gently in a Violent World. One of the best quotes from Stanley is in answer to the question of why he argues that “L’Arche is not a solution but a sign. When so many […]

Discipleship Without Regret

Ben has pointed us to the relatively new book coauthored by Stanley Hauerwas and Jean Vanier, Living Gently in a Violent World. One might argue that in some respects, Stanley has gotten more gentle as the years have gone on. Regardless, however, he’s definitely right in this remark: “Long story short: we don’t get to […]

Nate Kerr’s Hauerwas: A Summary

The Church and Postmodern Culture conversation about Nate Kerr’s new book has continued with John Wright’s contribution, which tackles Kerr’s view of Hauerwas. This is one of the most interesting posts so far in the series, and it gets at some key questions about Kerr’s reading of Hauerwas. If I may attempt a little bit […]

What Makes an Ecclesiology Sufficient?

One of the central issues in ecclesiology today concerns what makes an ecclesiology “adequate” or “sufficient” enough to do the perceived work that an ecclesiology is supposed to do within an encompassing theological vision. For example in With the Grain of the Universe, Stanley Hauerwas makes the following comment about Barth’s ecclesiology: “If the world […]

“Let the Church be the Church”. . .

Its hard for me to overestimate the importance Stanley Hauerwas’s works to my theological development. He did two things for me especially, the first was making me take the church with absolute seriousness as the primary community in which Christian life is lived. The second was to introduce me to John Howard Yoder, who, I […]

Stanley Hauerwas as Johannine Theologian

The Johannine corpus is centered on two key theological themes: radical adherence and allegiance to Christ and mutual love within the community of God’s followers (“And this is his commandment, that we should believe in the name of his Son Jesus Christ and love one another” (1 John 3:23). For John radical Christocentrism and radical […]

Why Sectarianism is Required

Perhaps the recurring criticism of the work of Stanley Hauerwas is that his position is ultimately sectarian. The constant sparring between Hauerwas and his critics, from James Gustafson to Jeffrey Stout, always orbits around the pernicious issue of whether or not Hauerwas is sectarian. In response to his critics, Hauerwas has consistently denied that he […]

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