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Category Archives: Thomas Aquinas

Aquinas on Acedia

Sloth, according to Damascene (De Fide Orth. ii, 14) is an oppressive sorrow, which, to wit, so weighs upon man’s mind, that he wants to do nothing; thus acid things are also cold. Hence sloth implies a certain weariness of work, as appears from a gloss on Psalm 106:18, “Their soul abhorred all manner of […]

Notes on Aquinas and How He’s Not a Semi-Pelagian

Recently there have been a few discussions about Thomas Aquinas and how he is or isn’t a semi-pelagian.  Shane first brought up the topic here, and was closely followed by Bobby’s dissenting view, here and here. I myself weighed in on the debate and finally cracked a bit further into my copy of the Summa.  And I […]

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