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Category Archives: Bibliology

From text to Word

So much depends, I believe, on the current theological milieu (or the little corner of it in which I tend to find myself) coming to see Scripture once again not merely as “text” or “script” but as Word, that is as the living and active witness to the one Word of God, Jesus Christ. This […]

Scripture in Midstream

“The way Scripture works to order and to re-order is not that Scripture lays from scratch a foundation on which we then build with integrity. It is not that—according to either the Puritan vision or the Catholic one—the Bible provides a changeless charter. It is rather the case that Scriptures are appealed to as a […]

The Authority of the Canon

“The classic debate between orthodox Protestantism and Tridentine Catholicism led us astray at this point. The Protestants seemed to be claiming that the authority of the Scriptures depends upon the unique miracle of inspiration (some even said “inscripturation”) whereby they came into being, which gives them timeless status above the church. That argument was circular […]

The Theological Role of Historical Criticism

These days there is much talk about the inherent limits of historical criticism as a tool of biblical hermeneutics.  Historical criticism, it is said reduces the Bible to a collection of ancient texts to be dissected rather than affirming the Bible as the scriptural canon of the church.  However, no one is really questioning the […]

Does Sola Scriptura Work?

I wonder if some day someone will write a complete history of all the ways in which Protestantism has defined Sola Scriptura.  If so, I imagine it would be quite a thick book, if not a multivolume set.  It seems to me that coming up with a theologically viable definition of Sola Scriptura is pretty […]

A Higher View of Scripture: The Word as Sacrament

There have been numerous discussions around the blogs of late regarding the authority, inspiration, infallibility, and inerrancy of Scripture.  I’ve weighed in on plenty of those, but what I really am interested in is constructive theological reflection on a theology of Scripture.   This is what I find lacking in so many discussions about the theological […]

A Thought on Biblical Infallibility

We often call the Bible infallible, and this is right insofar as we believe that in the Triune economy, the providential grace of God ensures that the Bible will perform its role in God’s drama just as God intends.  However, we also are bound to think, that given the Bible’s human authorship, and given human fallibility, that the […]

Some Random Thoughs on Inerrancy

The evangelical doctrine of inerrancy allegedly proclaims that only the autographs of Scripture were inerrant. Therefore, ironically, the doctrine of inerrancy does not offer any sort of theology that takes into account the entire phenomenon of Scripture, its canonization, transmission, etc. It is difficult if not impossible to see how the term “inerrancy” could apply […]

What then is Biblical Authority?

The nature of biblical authority is a much-debated concept, not only between, but within traditions. Indeed it is a vital and pressing issue for anyone who believes that Christians do not live by proof-texts alone! So, then what should we make of biblical authority as a doctrine the church must adhere to and live by? […]

A Theo-Dramatic Bible?

Recently Byron has posted a lengthy review of Kevin Vanhoozer’s tome, The Drama of Doctrine. I have a review of my own on Amazon and another published in Neue Zietschrift, and I may post one of them here later for people’s reading pleasure. But, in the meantime, I wanted to think a bit on some […]

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