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Category Archives: Black Theology

Nuking fish in a barrel

Dave Horstkoetter has a send-up of blowhard and all around terrible human being, Glenn Beck, and his comments about James Cone and black liberation theology at The Other Journal. Check it out.

Theology and Race

The Princeton Theological Review has issued a call for papers for their upcoming issue, the focus of which is on theology and race. In particular they are looking for articles engaging J. Kameron Carter’s recent (and excellent) book, Race: A Theological Account. A worthy endeavor indeed, as I think this is one of the most […]

Finally Out! Race: A Theological Account

I have waited for this book expectantly for the last five years or so. It looks to be more than worth it. I just recieved my copy of Race: A Theological Account by J. Kameron Carter today. I will be sure to blog about it when I have read it, but for now I don’t […]

Rev. Wright at the National Press Club

This is absolutely necessary viewing by those that wish to understand the recent controversies about black liberation theology in current American political discourse.  Reverend Wright should be commended for his courage and prophetic stance in a culture of amnesia which continues to avoid telling the truth about its own history. Part 1: [youtube=] Part 2: […]

Lingering: A test of theological discourse

In most theological interchanges the thing that seems most clear to me is the haste in which theological discourse, rejoinder, and response takes place.  This is perhaps magnified in theological discussions through mediums like blogs, but it also appears throughout the history of theological discourse.  In most theological discussions, when someone objects to a statement put […]

J. Kameron Carter: A Theological Account of Race

With all the recent media attention being given to black liberation theology, I am overjoyed that at long last J. Kameron Carter’s book, Race: A Theological Account is set to be out this September.  I have literally been waiting for this book for about three years.  I’m sure it will be worth the wait.  Here […]

Black Liberation Theology in Current Discussions

For those that have been confused by the rather muddled and frenzied discussions in the media lately about Barak Obama, Jeremiah Wright, and race relations in America, allow me to heartily recommend the various discussions of these things by my friend David Horstkoetter.  David is a student at Union Seminary who has studied under James Cone […]

J. Kameron Carter on the Pentecostalization of the World

Christ’s life, which culminates in “the hour” of his passion, is the pneumatological foil to Genesis 11, the foil that reverses creation’s selfenclosure, first and ultimately, over against God and, second, but no less importantly, over against itself. Israel is crucial in effecting this reversal, for she is elected by God to mediate creation’s re-creation. […]

James Cone on Universal and Particular

I realize that my theological limitations and my close identity with the social conditions of black people could blind me to the truth of the gospel. And maybe our white theologians are right when they insist that I have overlooked the universal significance of Jesus’ message. But I contend that there is no universalism that […]

J. Kameron Carter on Baptism, Christology, and Black Theology

In a recent post, I referenced the Duke Divinity School professor and potential rising star of black theology, J. Kameron Carter, whose work I greatly admire. The discussion centered on how Carter approaches the modern question of race as a distinctly theological problem. Here is an extended quote from an essay entitled “Christology, Or Redeeming […]

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