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Category Archives: Resurrection

No Escape: A Short Sermon

(Preached in trust and great weakness at COSK Portland, on Psalm 139) The heart of the gospel is God. At the center of our proclamation, at the center of our life together, at the rock-bottom core of each and every one of us lies God. What we have to proclaim is God. Why do we […]

The Truth about Love: A Resurrection Sermon

And now, after the end, now at the beginning, will shall speak, yet again of Love. Love eludes us. Only slightly more frequently and more intensely does love seize us, make us love’s own in the very moment when we find ourselves most lethargic, most unable to take another step. At the moment when we […]

The severity of hope

The reduction of hope is one of our greatest temptations. Hope, unlike optimism, nostalgia, or raw self-assertion speaks of a space in which all our abilities to “deal” with our situation have vanished. We have no raw data, resources, skills, or powers with which to get a handle on things, and are left only to […]


The final summing up of all this which is told us at Easter is: Jesus is victor! Jesus — is it not he who was born in humblest lowliness, who died on the cross crying the cry of a derelict of God, he who forgave sins but who collapsed under the burden of sin, he, […]

Remember that you are dust

Last Wednesday I facilitated much of our church’s observance of Ash Wednesday, leading out in the reading of Scripture, confession, and the application of ashes. I have done this many years before and it has always been a profound time of mediation on the salvation of the Gospel, but this year it was unique. For […]

He personally is with us

To say that Jesus rose from the dead is, among other things, to say that in spite of the fact that his love for us in obedience to his mission led to his death — or in fact because his love led to his death — he is still present to us, really present to […]

Us and our children

In the account of the passion in Matthew, the crowd responds to Pilate’s declaration of innocence with the cry “His blood be on us and on our children!” (Matt 27:25). A curious irony is found here. In that the people here are taking on the responsibility for Christ’s death but do so in language that […]

Not easy news

Rowan Williams has a characteristically excellent Easter sermon posted online now. Here’s a snip: The preaching of Peter and Paul and all the witnesses of the Risen Jesus says that two basic things are demanded of us. First: we must acknowledge our own share in what the cross is and represents; we must learn to […]

If he rose

Make no mistake: if He rose at all it was as His body. If the cells’ dissolution did not reverse, the molecules reknit, the amino acids rekindle, the Church will fall. It was not as the flowers, each soft spring recurrent; it was not as His Spirit in the mouths and fuddled eyes of the […]

He loved his killer

On August 20, 1965 in Alabama, a sheriff deputy named Thomas Coleman took a shotgun and publicly shot and killed two  civil rights leaders, Jon Daniels, a white Episcopalian seminarian who died immediately and Richard Morrisroe, a white Roman Catholic priest who died of his injuries later. Jon died taking a shotgun blast directly to […]

Easter Report

This is an open thread for people to describe their Easter experiences this year. The (western) church’s most developed, profound, and meaningful times of worship, proclamation, and prayers occurred yesterday. What did people hear, see, smell, touch, discover in the experience of Holy Week this year?

Unconditional Promise

“In Jesus’ resurrection, the identity of the God of promise became clear. The news of Jesus’ death and resurrection is a claim on behalf of a God unequivocally identified as a God of unconditional promise: of life precisely in spite of, indeed using and transforming, death; of fulfillment in spite of, indeed including alienation. “God is whoever […]

All of it can be transformed

“…the resurrection becomes the moment which overthrows an idolatrous view of grace, idolatrous because it sees grace as serving my needs as I define them…Grace deals with us whole: it does not simply console me as a victim, for that would be to leave untouched the reality of my complicity in the hurt and damage […]

The Ethics of Witness

In his Free in Obedience, William Stringfellow takes up an absolutely vital point regarding the nature of Christian political ethics, what he terms “the ethic of witness”. The ethics of witness “means that the essential and consistent task of Christians is to expose the transience of death’s power in the world.” Herein lies the fundamental […]

Stringfellow on the Resurrection

“Christ’s resurrection is for men and for the whole of creation, including the principalities of this world. Through the encounters between Christ and the principalities and between Christ and death, the power of death is exhausted. The reign of death and, within that, the pretensions sovereignty over history of the principalities is brought to an […]

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