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Category Archives: Ikons

J. Kameron Carter on the Politics of the Visual

J. Kameron Carter has recently posted an extremely interesting piece on the roots of the modern racial and political imaginary in Christian iconography. He draws on Mondzain’s Image, Icon, Economy: The Byzantine Origins of the Contemporary Imaginary, which looks to me to be a must-read. Of course, taking on icons is certainly not an enterprise […]

Iconoclasm and the Threefold Body of Christ

Peter Leithart has a good post on the Christological issues that attend the problem of venerating ikons. Definitely worth a read. Here’s a quote: The eternal Son is still incarnate as the specific man, Jesus the Christ.  That’s true.  And it’s true also that this Jesus has specific features that we don’t know. But Jesus […]

Favorite Ikons?

Let’s just be honest: ikons are cool again.  We don’t know when it happened that non-Eastern Orthodox Christians began to be fascinated with the tradition of Christian iconography, but we can certainly see that it is legion today amongst Christians from nearly every sub-tradition of the faith.  Whether we are evangelicals, Catholics, emergent types, or […]

Trinity and Hospitality

Most of us have seen Rublev’s ikon of the Hospitality of Abraham in which the Trinity is portrayed as three angelic persons in communion around a table.  Now, of course many of us are predisposed to immediately point out the theological problems with the ikon, the most glaring of which is its seeming portrayal of […]

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