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Category Archives: Emerging Church

This Doesn’t Bode Well

It looks like the über-Reformed emerging mega-churches have decided to create their own personal seminaries to train clones of their head pastors. Mark Driscoll, John Piper and others are all working towards creating degree-granting institutions that are part of their massive churches through which they will train pastors to go out and replicate the founding […]

Are the “New Calvinists” Reformed?

Time Magazine ranks the “New Calvinism” as number three on the list of the top ten ideas changing the world. This is actually a self-applied term by the Mark Driscoll crowd, and basically it names a movement within the emergentish sector of evangelical Christians (i.e. middle class white people in their twenties and early thirties) […]

Are you really a Christian Hipster?

The recent Christian hipster like/don’t like list seems to hit close to home for many of us, especially me. However, to my mind the list may be a bit flawed in that it pretty much includes any Christian under 35 who isn’t a party line conservative evangelical. Not being a standard evangelical should hardly relegate […]

Are you a Christian Hipster?

Brett McCracken hits a little too close to home with this list, as Andrew Sullivan wryly observes. I think some of this may be a little dated, but I found a lot of myself in here I’m afraid. The stuff about quasi-Catholicism among hipster Christians was brilliant in my book. I think however that I […]

Thank You, Mark Driscoll

Less than one year ago I wrote my most popular post of all time. The post that asks the age-old question, “Who can Mark Driscoll Worship?” It sits at 134 comments (which a couple months ago I finally felt I had to close–all horses must be pronounced dead eventually) and nearly 10,000 views. In some […]

Donald Miller at the DNC: The Reactive Poltics of Evangelicalism

Davey has helpfully pointed us to a rather bizarre occurrence at the Democratic National Convention, namely the closing prayer by fellow Portlander and author, Donald Miller. Miller many of us know from the wildly successful book Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligous Thoughts on Christian Spirituality. This book has, in many ways, come to be cast as […]

The Biggest Threat?

So, I’ve posted a few critical articles on Mark Driscoll lately, and as I’ve said before, I believe that his theology and practice is sub-Christian and a major threat to the gospel and its embodiment in the world.  However, this leads me to wonder, who do we consider the greatest threats to the gospel within […]

Why is Mark Driscoll Interesting?

My post excoriating Mark Driscoll’s idolatrous concept of Jesus has skyrocketted to my most-viewed post ever written in a mere two weeks.  It has also garnered some responses around the blogosphere, some of which I may respond to at some point.  However, what I find intriguing is how, in two weeks a post on Mark Driscoll’s lunacy could […]

Be a Man!

Little did we all know it, but apparently males are being systematically excluded from the Christian church.  Yes, contrary to all appearances, it seems that the reason that churches in America today lack innovation and energy is because the men are being excluded.  Mark Driscoll tells us why (with some visual aids, thankfully thrown in […]

More on Mark Driscoll

In light of all the discussion about my post on Mark Driscoll (and why his theological beliefs don’t really allow him to worship Jesus), allow me to commend to you a very interesting, and at times painful article by Lauren Sandler that was done on Driscoll and his Seattle-based evangelical empire in Salon magazine.  You […]

Problematic Words

There are certain key buzz words among evangelicals, particualrly emergey-types that literally make me want to perpetrate extreme violence on anyone I hear saying them.  And sadly, every now and then I find some of them escaping my own lips.  So, if you find me too harsh, just realize that much of what I am […]

Who Can Mark Driscoll Worship?

I really shouldn’t have expected anything distinctively sane from a magazine called ‘Relevant‘.  That was a huge mistake, and one that I can assure my faithful readership I will never make again.  The magazine as a whole is committed to pedantically insisting that Christians can, pretty much be cool too, if they just try hard enough.  […]

Reflections on Evangelical Blogs (2)

While I don’t mean to just pick on the evangelical blogs, I cannot help myself on this one.  So, please indulge me.  In another post over at Pen and Parchment, another, umm, winning post leads off with this salvo: Have you noticed it? Do you feel small? Do you feel inadequate to have opinions anymore? Do […]

The Emergent Church

No, I don’t mean the current buzz word amongst western evangelicals for their version of how to coordinate a worship service.  Actually, ironically enough, this term, as far as I can tell was first used in 1980 by Johann Baptist Metz as the title of one of his books on political theology.  The Emergent Church […]

Against Confessional Diversity

A common impulse in the face of the division of the Christian church is to look for unique pearls of distinctly Christian wisdom and beauty in the various different traditions of the Christian faith.  In so doing, we construct some notion of the divergent streams of the Christian faith as different and uniquely beautiful tributaries […]

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