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Category Archives: Apocalyptic

The Truth about Love: A Resurrection Sermon

And now, after the end, now at the beginning, will shall speak, yet again of Love. Love eludes us. Only slightly more frequently and more intensely does love seize us, make us love’s own in the very moment when we find ourselves most lethargic, most unable to take another step. At the moment when we […]

Idolatry and participation

Lately, I’ve noticed several re-articulations of a theological trend we’ve talked about here plenty of times before, namely the position that the church’s practices mediate God’s presence and action in the world, form Christians to be virtuous selves in contrast to the acids of modernity, and make Christ concretely present in the world, when otherwise […]

A midrash on 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

For though we live fully as human beings, living fully in this world, loving this world, and suffering with, in, and for this world, we do not wage our war according to the pattern of this age, the old age, the age of death, the age that assumes and asserts its sovereignty and normality. For […]

Explorations in Christian Theology and Apocalyptic: Call for Papers

Call for Papers The Explorations in Christian Theology and Apocalyptic working group invites individual paper proposals for an Additional Meeting to be held during the 2011 American Academy of Religion meeting in San Francisco, November 19th – 22nd, 2011. The group will host a panel session on the theme: Jacob Taubes and Christian Theology. The organizers […]

AAR: Explorations in Theology and Apocalyptic

For those of you who are also headed to AAR tomorrow, be sure to check out the sessions we’re offering this year for the Explorations in Theology and Apocalyptic Group: (1.) A panel discussion of Christopher Morse’s book, The Difference Heaven Makes: Rehearing the Gospel as News (Continuum, 2010) will be sponsored by T&T Clark/Continuum and will […]

Barth, the church, and the world

As many of you all know, the Karl Barth Conference is currently going on and it sounds like a great time. WTM has some comments posted about it and hopefully more are to come. In the meantime, for those of us unable to make it out to Princeton, here is an excerpt from the conclusion […]

Kingdom-World-Church: Some Provisional Theses

by Nathan R. Kerr, Ry O. Siggelkow, and Halden Doerge In a recent conversation on this blog regarding an important review, by Ry Siggelkow, I (Nate Kerr) suggested in the comments that to think rightly what it means to say that “mission makes the church,” that mission as lived proclamation of and witness to Christ’s […]

Revolutionary Christianity

David Rensberger, in his helpful article, “Conflict and Community in the Johannine Letters” points out the deeply revolutionary and apocalyptic nature of the Joahnnine message, especially in relation to Christology and the ethics of agape: The author of the Letters defends incarnational Christology not just because it is “what you heard from the beginning” (1 […]

A Brief Apocalyptic Glossary

Some time ago, Dave Belcher posted a very helpful glossary on theology and apocalyptic. Given that La Perruque, sadly, is no longer active, and that Dave has retired from the blogosphere, he has kindly allowed me to repost it here for easier access. Thanks to Dave for this helpful post! In the “Introduction” to his […]

Posts on the church, apocalyptic, and mission

About of a year ago I posted an index of posts I had written on ecclesiology and apocalyptic. Since then I have gotten my own domain and, as such should have updated the links a long time ago. Anyway, here is an updated list for anyone who cars. As far as I’m concerned the best […]

Theology and Apocalyptic: Call for Papers

The Theology and Apocalyptic Group has put out the following call for papers for this year’s upcoming AAR meeting: The “Explorations in Christian Theology and Apocalyptic” working group invites individual paper proposals for an “additional meeting” at the 2010 American Academy of Religion meeting on the following topic:  “Engagements with the Political Theology of Johannes […]

The Revolutionary Subordination: A note from Doug Harink

Many thanks to Doug Harink, both for his lectures which I live-blogged over the weekend, and for the great time of fellowship we got to have together. Doug has kindly sent me a follow-up note on the lectures that speaks to some key points about the matter of the “revolutionary subordination.” Let me express my […]

Born from, into, and for the apocalypse

According to Harink the church is apocalyptic in three ways. It is born from the apocalypse of Jesus the Messiah. This singular event grounds and constitutes the life of the church, which otherwise would be “no people.” Likewise, the church is born into the apocalypse of Jesus. The church is freed from the powers of the fallen creation into the […]

An apocalypsed people

Doug Harink calls the church “a people ‘apocalypsed’ through Jesus the Messiah.” What this means is that God’s revelation (which is salvation) takes the form of invading a world enslaved to other powers. The church is “apocalypsed” in that through the action of the whole Trinity (1 Pet 1:2) it is set free from the […]

Apocalyptic action

Harink makes an all important point in wrapping up. This apocalyptic-transformational Christology and eschatology that animates 2 Peter lends itself, not to any sort of resignation or passivity, but rather to action: “Since all these things are to be dissolved in this way, what sort of persons ought you to be in leading lives of […]

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