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There’s a lively discussion underway at Daniel Kirk’s blog in which he has called for a moratorium on the use of the word “homophobic” as a descriptor for folks whose theological and/or political positions on same-sex relationships is non-affirming. Now of course I’ll be the first to admit that I believe there are many who […]

12 reasons why gay marriage is wrong

Homosexuality is not natural, much like eyeglasses, polyester, and birth control. Heterosexual marriages are valid because they produce children. Infertile couples and old people can’t legally get married because the world needs more children. Obviously, gay parents will raise gay children, since straight parents only raise straight children. Straight marriage will be less meaningful if […]

Homosexuality Trumps the Homeless

This is shocking, at least from the standpoint of the gospel. Apparently there is some legislation in DC that would require employers to not discriminate against same-sex couples (i.e. they’d have to give them medical benefits). In response to this the Catholic archdiocese has threatened to shut down their public social services to the homeless […]

The Easiness of Being Against Homosexuality

Matthew Yglesias has some rather trenchant remarks occasioned by Ross Douthat’s column on Funny People. Agreeing with Douthat that the reason American audiences haven’t enjoyed Apatow’s new film is that it portrays the conservative choice (in the case of the movie not ruining a marriage) as difficult, and indeed as something which doesn’t make it […]

Idolatry and Sexuality

In the comments thread on the McCabe quote I posted yesterday, Charlie directed us to a fantastic article deserving of a close reading by James Alison which deals with the difference between idolatry and worship, particularly as this relates to questions regarding homosexuality and Christian doctrine. It is definitely worth the time to read. Here’s […]

Compassion, Homosexuality, and Platitudes

A USA Today opinion piece on Christianity and homosexuality strikes me as rather boring–and a little annoying. The author is a young Southern Baptist who writes about faith and culture and appears to be into Christian environmental advocacy. What we have here is a plea for evangelical Christians to stop being ridiculously homophobic and love […]

What Gives with Milbank?

Ok, Milbank obviously rejoices in being esoteric. Like all the time. But, there seems to be a serious about-face that has taken place in his thought regarding sexuality. Consider this recent article on Milbank’s current theological-political work: He urged the movement’s followers to “grasp the hands of labour unions, feminists, gay and lesbian activists”, and […]

Shades of Gay

William Saletan has an incisive article in Slate on a recent survey of the number of therapists who, at the request of their clients have attempted to help them change their sexual orientation. Obviously the cultural orthodoxy of the day is outraged by any such notion. Saletan–no conservative evangelical by any stretch of the imagination–has […]

The Linker-Dreher-Sullivan Exchange

There’s been a multi-part exchange of posts between Rod Dreher and Damon Linker over the issue of gay marriage these last few days. Andrew Sullivan has also weighed in on the matter. Makes for some interesting reading.

The Gay Marriage Issue: Solved!

Let’s just cut the Gordian knot and get rid of marriage: Give gay and straight couples alike the same license — a certificate confirming them as a family, and call it a “civil union” — anything, really, other than “marriage.” For those for whom the word marriage is important, the next stop after the courthouse […]

Moving Thoughts on Homosexuality

Some heartfelt, honest, and poignant thoughts are shared about the struggles of one homosexual Christian here. With every year that passes, I realize more and more that I don’t want to live life on my own. More than anything, I would like to have a life partner. But I keep circling back to the conclusion […]

Oliver O’Donovan & Homosexuality

In light of the ongoing discussion at Faith and Theology over the issue of homosexuality and the church, allow me to plug a book we’ve just published at Wipf and Stock by Oliver O’Donovan, Church in Crisis: The Gay Controversy and the Anglican Communion.  This book is perhaps the most erudite treatment of the current controversy in […]

Luke Timothy Johnson vs. Eve Tushnet on Homosexuality

I just came across a very fascinating and well-written exchange on homosexuality in Commonweal.  In it, New Testament scholar and theologian, Luke Timothy Johnson and freelance writer Eve Tushnet debate the current Catholic teaching on same-sex relationships.  Interestingly enough, Johnson, who is both a creative and theologically conservative theologian, argues against the current teaching of the […]

Sexuality, Personal Wholeness & the Church

I recently came across this post by Andrew Sullivan at the Atlantic online.  It provides some interesting thoughts about homosexuality and the church. Fundamentally, [being gay is about] one’s core emotional identity. It’s about whom one loves, ultimately, and how that can make one whole as a human being … a single person’s moral equilibrium […]

Three Quotes on Homosexuality & the Church

I’m not going to offer any commentary on these quotations, I only want them to stimulate thought.  For those who are interested in my own take on this issue, my theses on sexual identity and Christian ethics should give you a good idea. Eugene Rogers: The difference between members of a same-sex couple is not […]

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