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Category Archives: Theological Journals

New Issue of TOJ Out

The Other Journal has just launched their latest issue, this one focusing on the matter of “celebrity.” There are a number of new articles. Definitely worth checking out.

Conversations on “Just War”

For those who haven’t seen it yet, our own R.O. Flyer has a great review up at The Other Journal of Dan Bell’s recent book, Just War as Christian Discipleship. Here’s a quote to whet the ole appetite: As Christians, our allegiance is first of all to Christ, not to the just war tradition. If […]

TOJ Podcasts

The Other Journal now has a regular podcast available. So far it includes a lecture and interview with Kelly Johnson and another interview with Emmanual Katonlgole is soon to follow.

More from TOJ and how you can help keep it coming

Part two of Gene McCarraher’s interview with The Other Journal has been published. Check it out, it’s well worth the read. In part two of the interview, McCarraher talks about the “Obama Doctrine,” Niebuhrian realism, and the usefulness of maps.Here’s just one quote: If there is such a thing as the Obama Doctrine, it’s different […]

Responses to the Haiti Earthquake

The Other Journal is looking for people who are ready and able to write substantive theological responses to the Haiti earthquake quickly. If you feel you are able to offer such a response please let me know ASAP. Send all proposal and submissions to Chris Keller.

Film, Faith, and Justice 2009

To those in the Pacific Northwest or who are able to travel from elsewhere, you should really try to be at this year’s Film, Faith, and Justice conference, put on by The Other Journal. The event goes from the 15th through the 17th of October, and promises to be a great installment of a great […]

Things of Note

Evan has notified us of an upcoming Review of Politics issue that is dedicated to the work of William Cavanaugh. Looks like some important reading there. Also, Millinerd has done a  write-up of what looks to be a very important article on the analogia entis by our own R.O Flyer. The article engages John Betz’s […]

Theology and Race

The Princeton Theological Review has issued a call for papers for their upcoming issue, the focus of which is on theology and race. In particular they are looking for articles engaging J. Kameron Carter’s recent (and excellent) book, Race: A Theological Account. A worthy endeavor indeed, as I think this is one of the most […]

Does Ecumenical Theology Have a Future?

The superb International Journal of Systematic Theology has posted the theme for the 2009 Colin Gunton theological essay contest, which is: Does ecumenical theology have a future? I think I may actually enter an essay for this one. I’ve thought about doing it for previous years but have never found the topics interesting enough until […]

Princeton Theological Review Call for Papers: Fall 2008 Issue on T.F. Torrance

In the interest of spreading the word arround further, here is the call for papers for the next issue of Princeton Theological Reivew.  If you have an interst in the theology of T.F. Torrance you might think about submitting something. You are invited to submit an article, reflection, or book review for publication in the […]

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