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Category Archives: La Nouvelle Théologie

The Apostolic and the Post-Apostolic

In conversation with Yves Congar’s Tradition and Traditions, John Webster makes the observation that one can describe the Nouvelle Théologie movement as a sort of theological mood or style that is premised on the claim that the distinction between the apostolic and the post-apostolic ought not to be pressed. In other words, according this theological style, […]

Worst Theological Problem Meme: Hans Urs von Balthasar

A Guest-Post by Fred from Deep Furrows I’m a student of literature and not a theologian, but Hans Urs von Balthasar has had a extensive influence upon my adult life. Criticizing Balthasar is difficult for several reasons: 1. he was broadly and profoundly educated in Western culture as a whole, much more than I or any […]

Von Balthasar: The Heart of the World

I’ve been somewhat obsessed with the writing of Hans Urs von Balthasar for the last couple of years have now acquired most (or at least the majority) of his many writings. Despite the magisterial scope and intellectually dazzling (or befuddling) nature of his theological trilogy, I’ve found that some of the greatest works of Balthasar’s […]

Benedict XVI on the Word and Eucharist

For man, the will of God is not a foreign force of exterior origin, but the actual orientation of his own being. Thus the revelation of God’s will is the revelation of what our own being truly wishes – it is a gift. So we should learn anew to be grateful that in the word […]

Von Balthasar on Kenosis and The Trinity

The immanent Trinity must be understood to be that eternal, absolute self-surrender whereby God is seen to be, in himself, absolute love; this in turn explains his free, self-giving to the world as love, without suggesting that God “needed” the world process and the Cross in order to be himself . . . The Father, […]

Tillard on Communion and Witness

Based on the perspective that the early centuries adopt, the Church finds its initial form in a “communion” whose profound, invisible link is none other than the Spirit of the Lord, but it is the apostolic group in the act of witness that makes up the visible nucleus. The apostolic witness – words and “semia” […]

Barth and de Lubac on the Church

The following sections are just a couple fragments from an essay I recently finished for an advanced ecclesiology seminar. In the paper I engage the ecclesiologies of Henri de Lubac and Karl Barth and try to show how both offer mutual correctives toward constructing an ecclesiology that is both Christological and Logocentric (Barth) and sacramental, […]

Tillard on Communion and the Other

“At its source, the Christian way of life is radically, in virtue of God’s very self, the abolute negation of any form of self-sufficiency, of any sort of self-absorbtion. The relationship to the other – this other who is first of all God, but God grasped within the unity between brothers and sisters in Christ […]

The Ressourcement Movement

Over at Per Caritatem a recent series on the history of Ressourcement Movment in Catholic theology (also known as the nouvelle theologie) has been posted by Michael Deem. I highly recommend it for those wanting to understand conteporary Catholic theology.Part I: Historical ContextPart II: Henri De LubacPart III: Impact and Historical Endurance

Pope Benedict XVI on Hans Urs von Balthasar

Message of Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) to the Participants in the International Conventionon the Occasion of the Centenary of the Birth of the Swiss Theologian Hans Urs von BalthasarPontifical Lateran University, Rome Lords, Cardinals, venerable Brothers in the Episcopate and in the Priesthood, distinguished ladies and gentlemen:It is with great pleasure that I join […]

Von Balthasar on Revelation as Absolute Love

I recently finished reading through Han Urs von Balthasar’s incredibly profound little book, Love Alone is Credible. In it von Balthasar explores how Christianity can only be understood to be credible when it is understood on its own terms, namely as the revelation of the infinite love of God in the self-giving of Christ. Von […]

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