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Category Archives: Radical Orthodoxy

McCarraher on Radical Orthodoxy

By popular request, here is Gene McCarraher’s biting critique of Radical Orthodoxy. Right on the money as far as I’m concerned. Like a lot of Christian intellectuals over the last two decades, I quaffed a bit of the Kool-Aid served up by those in the RO constellation. Well, if I can extend the Kool-Aid metaphor […]

Milbank on Scientism, Sex, and Personhood

The latest issue of The Other Journal has a fascinating interview with John Milbank on contemporary atheism.  In the process a whole mess of things get talked about, including the sexualization of contemporary culture in contrast with the sort of inverted totalitarianism that obtains in regard to all other forms of freedom.  Here’s just one snippet: […]

The Ubiquity of the Theological

One of the greatest insights of much recent theology is the insistence that there is no non-theological sphere.  All forms of discourse, in one way or another are theological.  This I take to be the central insight of John Milbank’s Theology and Social Theory and the Radical Orthodoxy movement as a whole.  The question that […]

Karl Barth Blog Conference 2008: Update

As it turns out my own proposal for a plenary paper for this year’s Karl Barth Blog Conference will be published on day three of the conference.  The title for my piece is “A Still Greater Historicity:  Hegel, Jüngel, and the Historicization of God’s Being”.  This paper will exmine  the role of Hegel in Jüngel’s trinitarianism […]

Radical Orthodoxy meets South Park

Lee over at the Smithy has produced an awesome post on Radical Orthodoxy in which he likens it to what is probably my favorite cartoon and guilty pleasure, South Park. Here’s a bit of what he said: I don’t know if any of my gentle readers recall the early Southpark episode where Tweak is out […]

Theological Parodies…a good time to be had by all

The other night a couple of friends and I were enjoying some beers at the local English pub, the Horse Brass (about as authentic as they get outside of the UK) and were having fun rhapsody-ing on about all things theological.  In the course of the evening we came up with our own, purely comedic version of […]

J.P. Moreland & the Psychoses of Evangelical Cultural Engagement

I recently did something that I make it a point to never, ever, ever do.  I picked up a copy of a book by J.P. Moreland, Kingdom Triangle.  I was wrong to do it and I should have stuck to my guns and just put the book on the shelves after cataloging it at work.  […]

Outnarrating Nihilism?

One of the central elements of the project of Radical Orthodoxy is based on the conception of Christian theology “outnarrating” all other metanarratives. A central claim of Radical Orthodoxy is that all other narratives or systems of thought tend inevitably toward nihilism because the only true basis for the peaceable negotiation of difference is on […]

More Radical Orthodoxy

For another excellent list of “theses” about Radical Orthodoxy, one by the authors of the inital RO volume (probably) and another lampooning it, see the most recent post by Rev. Sam at Elizaphanian.  Also, for an earlier, more nascent critique that I wrot on RO, see my 6 Theses on Ecclesial Social Engagement. In other related […]

Propositions On Radical Orthodoxy

Since Radical Orthodoxy has recently come up in a few discussions, I thought I’d post a few of my own basic thoughts about what’s really wrong with this particular theological movement. Radical Orthodoxy purports to be a theological theology.  It begins with a perfect theological instinct and aim: to show that all thought is fundamentally theological.  […]

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