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Kingdom-World-Church: Some Provisional Theses

by Nathan R. Kerr, Ry O. Siggelkow, and Halden Doerge In a recent conversation on this blog regarding an important review, by Ry Siggelkow, I (Nate Kerr) suggested in the comments that to think rightly what it means to say that “mission makes the church,” that mission as lived proclamation of and witness to Christ’s […]

Canonical Theism: 30 Theses

This list of theses is authored by William Abraham, the main fellow behind recent publications that are proffering the label “Canonical Theism” as a sort of ecumenical and ecclesial movement that endeavors to appropriate the theological heritage of the church in a particular way. Specifically this movement centers on re-envisioning the very idea of “canon”, […]

Jesus, Divine Discourse, and Trinitarian Personhood: Some Jottings

1. All theological statements about God’s Trinitarian being must be ruled (regula) by the very particular history of Jesus Christ’s incarnation, life, death, resurrection, ascension, and promised parousia. 2.Thus, the historical realities of Jesus’s particular existence are, without remainder or qualification, definitive of the nature of God’s own eternal way of being God. 3. The […]

Five Theses on the Christian Year

I have argued previously that liturgical time is political and that it froms the church in a particular sort of community.  The way in which calendars are formulated are inevitably political.  Calendars encode particular sorts of politics and generate particular sorts of persons and communities, what sort of polity and person is presupposed and evoked by […]

The Trinity and Jesus: Some Reductive Expostulations

1.  In human man Jesus we encounter the full revelation of the Trinitarian God.  Therefore humanity as such is only authentically at home in the Trinitarian life of God.  The Triune God is God in and for humanness. 2.  In that the man Jesus is the presence of the Trinitarian God to the world we must say […]

Some Theses for Ecumenically-Minded Protestants

1.  The breakdown of denominational identity is a terrible ecumenical occurrence and further inhibits the visible unity of the church.  For all their flaws, denominations offer structural and institutional forms which can facilitate ecumenical dialogues.  As to date there is no other protestant proposal that could fulfill this function better.  The multiplication of non-denominational evangelical […]

Some Random Thoughs on Inerrancy

The evangelical doctrine of inerrancy allegedly proclaims that only the autographs of Scripture were inerrant. Therefore, ironically, the doctrine of inerrancy does not offer any sort of theology that takes into account the entire phenomenon of Scripture, its canonization, transmission, etc. It is difficult if not impossible to see how the term “inerrancy” could apply […]

Radical Trinitarianism §2: Supplemental Theses

The following theses are meant to supplement and complete my introductory theses on radical trinitarianism that I posted a few days ago.  Together, these two sets of theses will form the skeleton from which I shall attempt to unpack a brief trinitarian dogmatics. A truly Trinitarian theology is thoroughly pneumatological.  It is in and through […]

Radical Trinitarianism §1: Introductory Theses

In the last few years everyone has been talking about the “renaissance of Trinitarian theology”, either to affirm it as a blessing from on high, or an aberration from the pits of hell.  Or was it Hegel?  Whatever, they’re basically the same thing, right?  Regardless, the point is that everyone is in some way interested […]

Theses on Sexual Identity and Christian Ethics

This series of theses should not really be taken as a response to Kim Fabricus’ list of propositions on same sex relationships. While that brought the issue to the surface in recent discussions, these are thoughts that I’ve had floating around for a long time and hopefully will lead to a more substantial and lengthy […]

Six Theses on Ecclesial Social Engagement

I spent a good portion of last year exploring issues of the church, civil society, and public theology. Since then some of my thoughts about the relationship between the church, civil society and the state have crystalized in certain ways. It is in the interests of sharing and dialoging about those thouthgs that I offer […]

Twelve Theses on Ecclesial Practices

I offer these for discussion. Anyone who’s talked with much about theological topics knows how important I think ecclesial practices are for the shaping of the church’s life and for growth in the Christian faith. These are not meant to be exhaustive in any way, but as discussion starters that will help fill out a […]

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