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Category Archives: Islam

Milbank, Islam, and Mission

My long silence around here must now come to an end. As folks get back to school and other such pursuits, I will do my part to send some distractions peoples’ way via the blog. For now, folks would do well to check out a recent post by Tim McGee about John Milbank’s inherently imperialistic […]

Well, they still have some standards I guess…

The Episcopal church has defrocked one of its ministers for being both Christian and Muslim. Well, don’t that beat all! At least they managed to defrock her, I suppose. Even though she has been practicing both faiths and seeing no real contradiction there for two years. Stories like this are almost too ridiculous. This is […]

Terry Eagleton in Commonweal

The always interesting and entertaining Terry Eagleton has a fascinating article in the latest issue of Commonweal entitled “Culture and Barbarism.” A couple quotes: Islamic fundamentalism confronts Western civilization with the contradiction between the West’s own need to believe and its chronic incapacity to do so. The West now stands eyeball-to-eyeball with a full-blooded “metaphysical” […]

Illegitimate Children of Abraham

There are three “Abrahamic” faiths. Judaism, Christianity, Islam alone among world religions trace the beginnings of their story back to a single patriarch, all of whom claim to be his true heirs, interpreted variously of course. But herein lies the fundamental difference between Christianity on he one hand and Judaism and Islam on the other. […]

Children of Abraham

There is one thing and one thing alone that distinguishes Christianity, Judaism, and Islam from all other world religions: they all trace themselves back to the same person, Abraham. For all three of these religions, the connection to the patriarch, Abraham is a central part of their identity. These three religions, unique among all others, […]

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